Blog Theme (voiceless)

Greetings, on this blog the chosen theme is a music blog. Music and artists will be reviewed. The genres covered will be pop, hip hop/rap, dance and hit songs because that is the music that interests me. I believe the blog will be a nice, light blog. I am hoping that the viewers will take a look and give me their own opinion on the material that will be criticized and reviewed.


Blog Theme (with voice)

Hey everyone! How are you guys? So I’m starting my blog and I will be active on it. I had a few themes to choose from and I wasn’t sure but I wanted something I am really passionate about so I chose to have a music meets pop culture kind of blog… So like I review music and share the new music released but I will also talk about the pop culture but the pop culture posts will be less than the music ones. I chose that theme because I love listening to music and kind of give my opinion about the material and/or the artist. Hope you guys enjoy my blog if you do enjoy music!