School play

Omg u guys! So this is not so music related but personal, I am in the school play! We are doing the Wizard of Oz and I am Oz!!! Like yes! It’s do scary, yesterday was our first show and there’s one today and two more today!!! Atleast my parents aren’t going to be there tbh cause it becomes more stressful!!


Class interview

Hey everyone! So I have to do an interview with someone about personal history, my blog theme, or the influence of technology… I chose to have the interview related to my blog but I do not know what to base it around, maybe a review of albums in 2013? I don’t know and my bigger problem is that I don’t know who to interview… Our music teacher in school is all about classical music so I don’t think he can help…

Blogs that I follow

Hey everyone! So today I will tell you all about a few blogs that I follow and like. 

My personal blog that entertains me is:

I LOVE t it gives pop culture news in a funny/sarcastic way. They’re regularly updating every story that is happening with the celebritites.

My academic blog that interests me is: 

I like this blog because the blogger is always talking about journalism (what I want to study in college) and he/she gives a new perspective about journalism and the new media.

EMA 2013

I don’t know where to start, the EMA’s (Europe Music Awards) took place last night in Amsterdam. I did not watch the full thing, but I saw previous and I saw comments of people on twittter, apparently it was boring/more … Continue reading

Pop Hangover

Pop Hangover

I love this blog, it covers most of the news in pop culture whether it about music, artists, actors or movies, I really like their theme. 

Hard or Soft News? 
I would definitely say this website has soft news because it speaks about celebrities and it is interesting (to some people at least) 

I would say the blog has timeliness because it is always updating it’s news tracking celebrities online to know all their news and sharing it online with their followers. It is spreading the news faster than newspapers because as our article said “Radio and television news reaches us much faster than print. The Internet delivers news even more quickly” (page 35)