Britney Jean

Britney Jean

Hey everyone! I just bought a digital copy of Britney Spears’ 8th studio album titled “Britney Jean”. Do I like it? It’s an average album, definitely personal, some tracks sounded very similar. The organization of the songs is a mess there is no kind of flow and a few tracks are consecutive sound very consecutive. My favorite songs from the album are Perfume and Alien… The similar songs are nice but I mean they have the same feel… My rating was after the first time I listened to it and I judged it not only on how good the song is but also if the song caught my attention while listening. Out of a 100 I would give it a 74.


7 thoughts on “Britney Jean

  1. Why did you rate it a 74? Was it too repetitive and familiar? Not enough new inspiration or sound to capture your attention? Remember to use your own expertise to showcase your posts.

    • It was not very familiar but the album it self was too repetitive, a lot of songs sound very similar or have very similar production, very generic even though it has a few good tracks on there and it’s definitely her most personal album which is what I liked because she actually co-wrote the songs

    • no I don’t to be honest, knowing you I don’t think u will enjoy Britney’s music… or any of the 2013 music… maybe you should give Katy Perry’s new album a chance, she has a few good tracks (walking on air, unconditionally, dark horse, by the grace of God, Legendary lovers and many more) and you might like Beyonce’s new self titled album, very “chill” album but her vocals are flawless and some tracks are perfect in my opinion.

      u should try listening to Lorde’s album called pure heroine, you probably might like it, her music isn’t really my type but her voice is good and she has a few good songs (Royals – which I actually like and there are other favorites on her album like Tennis Court and Team but they’re not my type of music)

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