Katy Perry PRISMATIC Tour!

Hey guys! Katy Perry announced that she is having a tour for her newest album called PRISM during the 2013 EMA’s… Today she announced on social media that she is kicking off the worldwide tour in North America through a video that is a collection of some of her fans that posted videos on instagram and tagging her… She is going to be in 46 cities from June 22 till October 10. Her opening acts for the tour will be Capital Cities, Kacey Musgraves, and Tegan and Sara. Watch her video on her facebook page (

So if Katy is performing near you, would you go to her concert? 

Watch the video RIGHT HERE: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151853683511466&set=vb.7126051465&type=2&theater


Justin Bieber caught with cocaine

Hey! This story has been taking the news by storm! Justin Bieber’s neighbor called the police to complain about Justin Bieber allegedly throwing EGGS at his home…Yes. Eggs. Police went down to Calabasses (his neighborhood) where he is currently living and what police found is that he made damages worth of allegedly $20,000… But when police went to investigate in Bieber’s home… They found cocaine! We are not sure what is happened with Justin right now but he’s reportedly detained.

Ke$ha in rehab!

Hey everyone! So I just knew earlier today that the American singer Ke$ha has entered rehab but not for drug or alcohol abuse… but for an eating disorder. She announced it on Facebook to her fans saying that she is going for 30 days to learn how to love herself again just the way she is. Her mom and her fans are blaming her producer (who signed her with her record label) Dr. Luke saying that he called her a “big fat refrigerator” on the set of her music video for “Die Young”. Ke$ha and Dr. Luke have been feuding for a while now because he is not giving her any creative freedom over her career… Her fans (called the Animals) are signing petitions for Dr. Luke to leave Ke$ha by her own. This is what I like about Ke$ha is that she is honest and struggles with her image which makes her more relatable but I always thought she didn’t care… but hey, no matter how much you don’t care one day anything negative said to you will hit you on the inside. Stay Strong Ke$ha!


Rihanna x Shakira collaboration

Hey everyone! A while ago there were rumors that Shakira is collaborating with Rihanna… well Rihanna took to twitter to confirm it and say that it will be released on January 13th! I am so excited to hear how it will sound like because as artists they are so different!

Lady Gaga Helping Out!

Hey everyone! Happy new year! Hope everyone has a great year! So Lady Gaga is starting out the year by helping her fans on their own social media website ( little monsters.com ), within the few past hours she made a fan stop self harming, supported a fan that is suffering from cancer, encouraged several of her artistic fans, offered a job to a fan, helped fans who are struggling with their identity…
Keep up the good work Gaga! Paws up!