Ke$ha in rehab!

Hey everyone! So I just knew earlier today that the American singer Ke$ha has entered rehab but not for drug or alcohol abuse… but for an eating disorder. She announced it on Facebook to her fans saying that she is going for 30 days to learn how to love herself again just the way she is. Her mom and her fans are blaming her producer (who signed her with her record label) Dr. Luke saying that he called her a “big fat refrigerator” on the set of her music video for “Die Young”. Ke$ha and Dr. Luke have been feuding for a while now because he is not giving her any creative freedom over her career… Her fans (called the Animals) are signing petitions for Dr. Luke to leave Ke$ha by her own. This is what I like about Ke$ha is that she is honest and struggles with her image which makes her more relatable but I always thought she didn’t care… but hey, no matter how much you don’t care one day anything negative said to you will hit you on the inside. Stay Strong Ke$ha!



3 thoughts on “Ke$ha in rehab!

  1. Her being in rehab for an eating disorder is kind of surprising to be honest, I would have expected something else. Regardless, it’s good that she cares enough to go to rehab for her problems.

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