Class interview

Hey everyone! So I have to do an interview with someone about personal history, my blog theme, or the influence of technology… I chose to have the interview related to my blog but I do not know what to base it around, maybe a review of albums in 2013? I don’t know and my bigger problem is that I don’t know who to interview… Our music teacher in school is all about classical music so I don’t think he can help…

Blogs that I follow

Hey everyone! So today I will tell you all about a few blogs that I follow and like. 

My personal blog that entertains me is:

I LOVE t it gives pop culture news in a funny/sarcastic way. They’re regularly updating every story that is happening with the celebritites.

My academic blog that interests me is: 

I like this blog because the blogger is always talking about journalism (what I want to study in college) and he/she gives a new perspective about journalism and the new media.

EMA 2013

I don’t know where to start, the EMA’s (Europe Music Awards) took place last night in Amsterdam. I did not watch the full thing, but I saw previous and I saw comments of people on twittter, apparently it was boring/more … Continue reading