Hey everyone! So I woke up to some shocking news and I MUST share it! BEYONCE RELEASED A NEW ALBUM! She didn’t tweet about it, she didn’t post about it on facebook, no promo at all… NOTHING! I’m currently listening to the album… It’s called “BEYONCE”. I have to say her vocals are flawless, but the songs are a little boring like I’m not even all the way done with listening to it and I’m a little bored. This album has 14 tracks with features from her husband, Jay-Z, Drake, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, and Frank Ocean), she also released music videos with them and she looks gorgeous (as always). I expect this album to flop hard or to sell really really well. If it flops it’s because she did not promote it, no one knew about it, and the music is not that great… if it does sell really well it is because of her name… I mean it is BEYONCE! Everyone loves Queen B so loads of people would buy it because its Beyonce and because it is her “comeback” album since she has not released an album since 2011! If you would like to purchase it, it is currently only available on iTunes (I’m sure you can find them online somewhere) until December 20th where everyone will be able to purchase a hard copy of the album.